Identifications of SME's

Identifications of Jordanian processing SMEs and exporters, Italian and Jordanian institutional and private actors interested in the project activities, beside the dissemination of international processing and export standards.

In addition to the identification of groups / cooperatives of Jordanian SMEs that intend to use the service after the analysis of the concrete needs for the supply of the equipment and the co-financing of project services.

Training Courses,Seminars and technical assistance​

Training courses are held in accordance with the needs identified to the Jordanian technicians.Furthermore, courses are provided for the SMEs through Remote Technical Assistance (RTA).


Additional technical Assistance in Jordan to the producers SMEs is provided mainly by the local technicians trained in Jordan, assisted by an international expert. Hereby the particular situation of women and youth entrepreneurs is taken into account, and their special training needs and/or requirements are specifically considered.

Analysis of value chain​

Analysis of the agri-food and food-processing sector (value chains) to identify their weaknesses on the services provided and equipment used, considering the export modalities and state of the art of the certification bodies in Jordan.

Assessments of training needs

Assessment of training needs for the Jordanian SMEs and the needs of the processing SMEs and agri-food exporters carried out by JoSME international experts within the framework of the project in order to identify the bottlenecks and knowledge gaps, to better address the following capacity-building actions. Specific training needs/requirements of women and youth will be particularly considered.

Definition of the protocols

Updating production protocols for typical local products which as “Dates, pomegranate, Green Almond, Guava and cactus” and defining together with the Italian private sector the quality standards required by the Italian market for the mentioned crops.

Establishment of a network and meeting creation​

Establishment of a network between the Jordanian (certification bodies, exporters, producers, and processors) and the Italian private system to facilitate mutual dialogue, and verify the certifications required in the Italian market.

Implementation of activities

Implementation of demonstration activities in collaboration with local actors such as “MoITS” for the improvement of production standards regarding JoSME crops “Dates, pomegranate, Green Almond, Guava and cactus”.

Supply of equipment

Selected SMEs will benefit from equipment to improve their food quality upon the concrete needs that has been determined by the international experts and the beneficiaries.

Preparation of financial proposals

The Ministry of Industry Trade and Supply will be technically supported to identify opportunities to prepare financing proposals shared with international donors, to further consolidate project sustainability and its expected impact on the agro-food sector.